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When you work with a heavy hauling company for specialized hauling, superloads, oversize loads, dual-lane transport or any other type of project there are many things to consider. Things like project timeline, expertise, and cost are important things to factor into your job. However, the number one concern should be safety.
The heavy hauling industry can be dangerous. Heavy haulers deal with incredibly heavy cargo and huge machinery and do it all at the site of your business, on trucks we own and out on roads that are used by the general public. For these reasons alone, safety has to be the top concern. Here are some of the ways companies like Sterett Heavy Hauling ensures that everyone, employees, customers and the public, is kept safe throughout the entire process.

Driver Training

Sterett Heavy Hauling drivers endure rigorous safety programs, driving programs, and are trained thoroughly on how to properly and safely transport heavy loads. The driver training is intensive and covers everything from keeping the right distance from the vehicle in front of you to load securement training. Load securement training includes, how to load different types of cargo, how to put loads on a trailer, how to chain them down properly, and how to deal with load distribution. These trainings are continuous and ongoing to ensure that drivers stay up to date on all the latest safety protocols and the information is always top of mind.

Proper Planning and Focus on Details

Hauling heavy loads safely requires lots of planning and coordination of many important details. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, your heavy hauler must plan for the specific equipment needed, using a qualified driver, securing the load correctly, calculating routes, hiring skilled escorts, getting the appropriate permits and the correct license, having the applicable insurance, and the strictly adhering to all regulations, many of which often change from state to state.

Employee Drug & Alcohol Screening

While it is not good if an employee in any industry shows up to work impaired due to the use of drugs and alcohol, it is of the utmost importance in the heavy hauling industry as the mistakes that could be made in that situation has life and death implications. Sterett Heavy Hauling is a 100% drug and alcohol-free workplace and all employees are subject to random screening.

Equipment inspection and Maintenance

There is a lot of big and complex machinery involved in the heavy hauling process so, at Sterett, they regularly conduct thorough inspections of all equipment prior to, during and after each project. In addition to that, there is regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and inspection of all equipment biannually. This helps ensure the dangerous equipment use will function correctly throughout the project and not hurt anyone.


Safety should be the biggest concern during any heavy hauling project. When you go with a company that shares this philosophy, you will have a much better chance of having a safe and successful project.

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When you need to transport multiple items from one place to another, then you should take preventive measures to avoid delays and legal procedures. Make sure if your trailer gets overloaded, you seek a permit for it. A super load is a point at which the load surpasses the scopes of a state’s “routine permit limits” and is non-separable. You can inquire about these limits by contacting our team of experts at Sterett Heavy Hauling and share your concerns.
Heavy haul trucking is the hauling of oversize or overweight freight. It also requires to meet the industry standards for the transportation of materials from one place to another. If they do not meet the allowed weight standards, then a legal permit is required to ensure safe transport.
Along these lines, a super load can exceed the standard grant.
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight

The load could exceed only with one of these breaking points or a blend of these factors. Once more, this will rely upon the state’s principles. Another key thing when pulling a super load is that it regularly requires greater investment to get state endorsement and can likewise require the following:
  • State Approval (weeks to months)
  • Designing Survey
  • Utility Involvement
  • Course Survey
  • Police Escorts
  • Pilot Cars
  • Licenses
  • Shipper’s Letter
  • Extension Analysis
  • Drawing or Sketch of Shipment

Since states can differ with principle rules of super load hauling. For instance, New York says a load at 200,000 lbs or over is where Massachusetts says that more than 130,000 lbs are a super load. Remember that these two states share a fringe. If a shipment falls in super load status, you may find that a state requires a fourteen day time where another super load, which is a lot greater requires a very long time for placement. Regularly, super loads consist of different parts like jeeps, dollies, stingers, trailers, and supporters. On account of lift axles, a few states consider the lifting of axles may harm tires, streets, or prevent the driver in finishing a turn.
The following data is kept under consideration while giving a license to super load haul.
  • Hub Loadings
  • Hub Spacing
  • Tire Size
  • Tires per Axle
  • Dimensions

Remember we can use scow, road, or rail to dispatch super loads. You can contact the traffic control plan management and get details about the condition and permit requirement of the super load.
  • Course
  • Traffic Control
  • Evaluated Traffic Delays
  • Path Restrictions
  • Escort Vehicles and Flag Persons
  • Overhead Obstacles
  • Railroad Crossing Schedules
  • Crisis Vehicle Navigation

There you have it! Superloads can be a challenging and reviving shipment to deal with, yet they take understanding, know-how, and critical thinking to give some examples. Super Load Hauling merits taking pictures so plan for that as well! You need to look at it from every aspect to avoid further issues.
If you want to know more about super load hauling or heavy haul trucking, then you can visit us at Sterett Heavy Hauling. We may help you to overcome your fears related to the heavy shipment.

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Transporters that provide specialized freight services must use a variety of trailers that are uniquely designed for shipping freight of uncommon weights, shapes, or properties. It may help you in the delivery of heavy cargo that you need to get shipped from one place to the other.
Specialized heavy trucking haul contributes immensely to the trucking industry. It is used to transport heavy machinery and large items that need careful handling. It is better to avoid the risk of damage when such large machinery is involved. If you have to ship or take a cargo of enormous size, weight or shape in the Tri-State territory, Equip Trucking and Warehousing, you need to hire a specialized trucking haul. You may consider taking services of Sterett Heavy Hauling as they are one of the most experienced trucking service providers with trained experts to handle machinery. You can confide in us to give quick and safe transport of your valuable freight. You may also wish to pick different trailers that best fits your requirement. We have multiple trailers depending on the weight and mode of transportation material.
  • Lowboy Trailer
  • Double Drop Trailer
  • Dual Lane Trailers
  • Electronic Platform Trailers
  • Mechanical Platform Trailers

The Right Equipment for Heavy Haul Jobs

It takes the correct hardware to deal with different pulling ventures, and Sterett Heavy Hauling has everything. Our broad fleet incorporates flatbed trailers. We additionally have a collection of Landoll water powered tilting trailers that prevents unscrambling or emptying of the stacked material. Different things in our stock incorporate removable gooseneck lowboys, rollback tilt-bed trucks, and standard drop-deck trailers.
Lowboy Trailers: It is the second most important trailer for transporting heavy material. Lowboy trailers include two drops in deck shape: one after the gooseneck and another before the wheels. Lowboy trailers are used to transport goods that weigh approximately 40,000 pounds, yet extra axles can increase a trailer’s pulling limit up to 80,000 pounds.
Stretch Flatbed Trailers: Used for conveying extra-long loads, this is the trailer for transporting enormous construction materials in one go. Stretch Flatbed Trailers are used to transport stacks that weigh as much as 43,000 pounds.
Side Kit Trailers: This specific cargo trailer incorporates a progression of removable stakes and covers made of compressed wood or fiberglass that connect to the bed. The fence in the area is regularly used to ensure safe delivery. Side kid trailers are intended to carry loads that weigh somewhere in the range of 42,000 and 45,000 pounds.

The Best in the Specialized Heavy Trucking haul

When you pick Sterett Heavy Hauling for your specialized heavy trucking haul tasks. You will get supervision from a group of committed experts who will make sure that everything goes smoothly from the time your load leaves your office until it reaches its set destination. We remain careful until it reaches the targeted spot. Also, our drivers make it sure that they ride safely to ensure the security of the item that they are carrying in their trailer.

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Is it true that you are searching for a well-assembled trailer to pull hardware the whole way across different states? Regardless of what you are pulling, it is significant that your products arrive protected and secure. As you probably are aware, mishaps and harms can prompt real misfortunes leading to losses such as profit or reputation. The semi-trailer is one of the most commonly used machinery. This kind of trailer is very profitable for organizations that need to stack huge things. In any case, without a drop deck, it is almost difficult to stack larger than average parts. It is a good idea to use a lowboy trailer when you have to pull something so substantial and huge that it cannot effectively embed into a standard semi-trailer.

Which things are used to transport using a lowboy trailer?

  • Bulldozers
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Heavy vehicles
  • All of the other types of heavy machinery or equipment
Numerous construction companies, cargo, and delivery organizations depend on lowboy trailers to dispatch important things all over the nation.


The lowboy trailer is a fantastically valuable thing for pulling and delivering different heavy items. Even though it’s known by a wide range of names from the low-bed to the buoy, the exemplary lowboy trailer is effectively recognizable with its semi-trailer style and double-level drop framework. The height of these semi-trailers can be adapted to drop at the gooseneck (at the end) or just before the start of the wheels.
Standard flatbed trailers don’t highlight a double-level drop framework and are used for transportation and pulling standard hardware. Lowboy trailers can take and gear up to 12 ft in height. A standard two-hub trailer of this sort can pull as much as 40,000 pounds. In any case, you may expand the weight up to 80,000 pounds by changing the number of axles if necessary.
The additional limit of the double-drop deck makes the lowboy trailer a phenomenal choice for pulling heavy materials and anything that neither fits a flatbed trailer nor a single-drop deck trailer (also called as step deck trailer). As the deck goes down to ground level, larger than usual things can effectively be embedded into the semi-trailer. Lowboy trailers can be stacked from the front or behind depending upon the need. A few models enable you to put the trailer under the load and lift it.
Nowadays, lowboy trailers commonly work with pressure driven frameworks. They incorporate air brakes and are towed by semi-trucks. If you want a specific type lowboy trailer to fit the need of your work, then you can even customize your lowboy trailer. A custom-assembled lowboy trailer can suit your transportation needs. Our models are expertly intended to meet your business destinations and give a smooth ride every single time.
Reach us today at Sterett Heavy Hauling to get the right lowboy trailer to meet your needs, or you can also check our website at to know what else do we offer.

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If you are unaware of the fact that double drop trailers are used efficiently for oversized freight because of their unique design and structure, then this blog will help you. Double drop trailers are often referred to as lowboy or RGN (Removable Goose Neck). It is a specific trailer that has numerous extraordinary abilities. The deck configuration on double-drop trailers has interesting importance. It is low to the ground and explicitly intended to support the large and overweight (heavy haul) trucking industry. One of the benefits of double drop trailers is they are fit for unnecessarily large delivery things. Generally, they may require a unique oversize trucking license. It suggests that transportation cost will be higher to send the thing. However, double-drop trailer facilitates the transport of heavy materials due to its size, machinery, and structure that is beneficial to perform in a much better way.

Basics of double drop trailer

Make sure you see the majority of the state(s) laws, guidelines, principles, and constraints preceding to transportation on a double drop trailer. Rules in each state vary, and you need to look into them before moving any goods completely. Large and substantial truckloads require particular trucking grant. Be vigilant, be protected, and know what you are doing before doing it.
Note: The measurements given below are an example for better understanding of double drop trailers.
Empty weight: Refers to the actual weight of the semi-truck and the double drop trailer.
Item weight: Depends on the actual weight of the thing that is delivered. As a rule, a double-drop trailer can deliver from 41,000 to 43,000 pounds legally without any heavy haul permit.
Overall weight: It depends on the heaviness of everything consolidated: the semi-truck, the double drop trailer, and the thing stacked onto the trailer. The gross weight of any blend of the trailer, semi-truck and the thing that it contains must not exceed 80,000 pounds (GVW) of the shipment. It validates the necessity of having trucking grant from each point of pick and drop. Additional axles are required to spread the heaviness to dispatch overload things. So, it gives an impression equivalent to a legitimate shipment that is under 80,000 pounds. All shipments must comply with government standards to guarantee safe transport.
Heavy Haul Load: When the load exceeds from a permitted weight set forth by the state’s rules, an exceptional heavy haul load (overweight) trucking grant is required. Substantial trucking grants normally cost more than an oversize trucking grant.

‚ÄčLarge equipment hauling on double-drop trailers

Flatbed oriented trailers are fit for pulling an exceptionally different range of things. While things like conex trailers, tiny houses, and general cargo can help the trucking industry to generate revenue. Whereas double-drop trailers help in pulling huge hardware and equipment. As we referenced before the objective market for double-drops is equipment and hardware, yet its size is the key component that permits this trailer type to be so diverse.
Contact the friendly contractors at Sterett Heavy Hauling to learn more about the functioning of a double drop trailer book one for your shipment process.

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Last month our Sterett Heavy Hauling team in Jacksonville, Florida loaded up a dredge and drove 300 miles south down to Punta Gorda, Florida. Lifting and securing this heavy of a load takes time and careful planning, especially when transporting over 300 miles, but the team handled the job with ease. If you need any help planning a heavy hauling move or just need a helping hand, give us a call today. Moving Dredge to Punta Gorda

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Earlier this year we loaded and transported a rail car for a six mile move near Waycross, GA. This car was as long as it was heavy, so we decided to use our extendable RGN trailer in a 4 axle quad setup. Even though we only transported this car six miles, the size of the car forced us to plan for this move with precision. Whether it is a cross country or cross county move, Sterett Heavy Hauling has the capability to get the job done. Contact us today if you need heavy hauling assistance. Moving rail car Georgia

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This month one of our drivers headed to Texas to haul a Cat D8T Dozer all the way to Pennsylvania. The load and drive went better than expected and the dozer was delivered on time. If you are need need of heavy equipment hauling across the country, give us a call today. Hauling from TX to PA

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Last week our Sterett Heavy Hauling team in Jacksonville, FL received a project to deliver an American 9299 Crane in downtown Jacksonville. Here is a picture of Jon G. under the American 9299 crane. Delivered downtown to a staging area across the street from Jacksonville’s iconic Maxwell House Coffee.

The crane weighed 123k and Jon grossed 208k on 12 axles. He was 125′ long x 12 wide x 14″11 high.

Our customer Superior Construction was recently awarded a 31 million dollar road repair job for the city of Jacksonville. This crane move was part of the initial setup for the job. See link below to news story. Jacksonville Crane Delivery

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Last month we spent a few hours at Superior Construction in Jacksonville, Florida assisting in a cross-site crane move. Moving mulit-ton equipment around a jobsite can be a grueling task, which is why Sterett Heavy Hauling is always there to help. For this specific move we rested the tip of the boom on our heavy hauling trailer to support the crane as we walked it across the site. If you have need for a small or large project such as this, please contact us today and we will be there ASAP! Jacksonville, FL site move