Self-Propelled Trailers

When space is limited, self-propelled hydraulic platform trailers can be an ideal moving solution. Sterett Heavy Hauling offers self-propelled trailers that are designed to position large and heavy loads in a confined area, which is not readily accessible by conventional heavy-load truck and trailer combinations.

Self-propelled trailers are similar to conventional trailers, but feature a motorized module on the front. They are ideal for transporting a load that is too big and too heavy for a truck or low loader. Our hydraulic platform trailers feature a hydrostatic drive system that provides a smooth and highly adjustable ride, even under the roughest conditions. Our line includes self-propelled trailers up to 56 lines, 4 and 6 module configurations and 2, 3, 4, 5 driven lines, depending on model. We can also longitudinally or laterally combine our self-propelled decks with non-driven modules.

Sterett Heavy Hauling has an extensive fleet of equipment and vehicles for meeting a broad range of industrial transportation needs. Our highly qualified team includes skilled operators and drivers with the experience and training to assist you in completing your transportation job on time and within budget.

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