Dual Lane Trailers

Sterett Heavy Hauling meets your industrial transportation needs with SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers. These innovative dual lane trailers feature a modular design, which means that the vehicle can be adapted to custom-suit the cargo being transported and fulfill the legal requirements at the place of operation.

HighwayGiant flexible dual lane trailers offer adaptability, which allows transportation managers to meet a variety of regulatory requirements. Regulations regarding load distribution on bridges and roads are often specific to particular states, and the ability assure compliance is essential. HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers have been engineered to be adaptable, so that they may fulfill a wide range of requirements found in the North American market. The flexibility of this dual trailer is highly advantageous as an efficient, high-performance transport solution.

In addition to accommodating variable vehicle widths, the HighwayGiant dual lane trailer can widen the vehicle under load. Loading area can be adapted to suit the size of the load and distribution over the length of the vehicle. The pendulum axle technology provides the ability to drive below loads and pick them up securely. The smooth, precision steering system, assures easy maneuvering even on tight bends.

Sterett Heavy Hauling offers more than the best fleet for meeting a broad range of industrial transportation needs. Our team includes qualified and highly skilled drivers with the experience and training to handle your job without any issues. We get the job done efficiently, on time, within budget, and without issues.

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