The Importance of Safety in the Heavy Hauling Industry

When you work with a heavy hauling company for specialized hauling, superloads, oversize loads, dual-lane transport or any other type of project there are many things to consider. Things like project timeline, expertise, and cost are important things to factor into your job. However, the number one concern should be safety.

The heavy hauling industry can be dangerous. Heavy haulers deal with incredibly heavy cargo and huge machinery and do it all at the site of your business, on trucks we own and out on roads that are used by the general public. For these reasons alone, safety has to be the top concern. Here are some of the ways companies like Sterett Heavy Hauling ensures that everyone, employees, customers and the public, is kept safe throughout the entire process.

Driver Training

Sterett Heavy Hauling drivers endure rigorous safety programs, driving programs, and are trained thoroughly on how to properly and safely transport heavy loads. The driver training is intensive and covers everything from keeping the right distance from the vehicle in front of you to load securement training. Load securement training includes, how to load different types of cargo, how to put loads on a trailer, how to chain them down properly, and how to deal with load distribution. These trainings are continuous and ongoing to ensure that drivers stay up to date on all the latest safety protocols and the information is always top of mind.

Proper Planning and Focus on Details

Hauling heavy loads safely requires lots of planning and coordination of many important details. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, your heavy hauler must plan for the specific equipment needed, using a qualified driver, securing the load correctly, calculating routes, hiring skilled escorts, getting the appropriate permits and the correct license, having the applicable insurance, and the strictly adhering to all regulations, many of which often change from state to state.

Employee Drug & Alcohol Screening

While it is not good if an employee in any industry shows up to work impaired due to the use of drugs and alcohol, it is of the utmost importance in the heavy hauling industry as the mistakes that could be made in that situation has life and death implications. Sterett Heavy Hauling is a 100% drug and alcohol-free workplace and all employees are subject to random screening.

Equipment inspection and Maintenance

There is a lot of big and complex machinery involved in the heavy hauling process so, at Sterett, they regularly conduct thorough inspections of all equipment prior to, during and after each project. In addition to that, there is regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and inspection of all equipment biannually. This helps ensure the dangerous equipment use will function correctly throughout the project and not hurt anyone.


Safety should be the biggest concern during any heavy hauling project. When you go with a company that shares this philosophy, you will have a much better chance of having a safe and successful project.


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