Electronic Platform Trailers

Sterett Heavy Hauling is your source for electronic platform trailers. Eliminate the worry involved with your industrial transport project by choosing the right electronic platform trailer from our fleet selection. Electronic steering offers a variety of steering configurations to meet the toughest challenges on the road. Integrated modules enable precise control of the trailer bed, reducing the opportunity for problems en route.

We have modular self-propelled electronic (MSPE) electric platform trailers, available in four- and six-axle configurations with integrated hydrostatic drive motors in the wheels, as well as an attachment for diesel/hydraulic power packs. When it comes to versatility, we can meet your needs, whatever the load or rig.

Our electronic platform trailers are equipped with electronic management capabilities. This facilitates control, including by radio remote, of multiple modules operating in open-order configuration with a shared system of coordinates. Module expansion is easy, because they will operate within the same system, while providing extra load capacities needed.

A power pack module is available to supply all control and management functions for an entire vehicle convoy. Multiple MSPE electronic platform trailers can be operated from the main control panel on the power pack or from the remote radio control.

When you go with Sterett Heavy Hauling, you have access to the best fleet available for meeting a broad range of industrial transportation challenges. Our highly qualified team includes skilled operators and drivers with the experience and training to handle your job without any issues. We get the job done efficiently, on time, within budget, and without issues.

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