Sterett Heavy Hauling uncompromisingly commits to safety as our first priority. All Sterett Heavy Hauling employees are consistently trained with on-the-job safety. Safety will remain our emphasis not only for the sake of our employees, but also for our customers, as well as the general public. Without safety as our first priority, we are unable to provide the highest caliber of service for our customers. We regularly conduct thorough inspections of our equipment prior to, during and after each project. In addition, we regularly schedule preventative maintenance and inspect all equipment biannually. Each employee is continuously trained on job-site safety. Sterett Heavy Hauling is a 100% drug and alcohol free workplace and all employees are subject to random screening.

To haul heavy loads safely requires the coordination of several important details; the specific equipment, the qualified driver, correct load securement, calculated routes, skilled escorts, appropriate permits, the correct license, applicable insurance, and the strict adherence to many regulations that often change from state to state. Sterett Heavy Hauling enforces a strict policy of safety requirements. Driver training always takes top priority. Our drivers endure rigorous safety programs, driving programs, are trained thoroughly on how to properly and safely transport heavy loads. Our driver training is intensive and covers everything from keeping the right distance from the vehicle in front of you to load securement training, which includes how to load different types of cargo, how to put loads on a trailer, how to chain them down properly, and how to deal with load distribution.

Our focus on these important details contribute to the safety of our drivers and our customers’ cargo. We will continue to evolve and improve our safety initiatives to ensure we remain leaders in the heavy hauling industry.