Specialized Heavy Trucking Haul

Transporters that provide specialized freight services must use a variety of trailers that are uniquely designed for shipping freight of uncommon weights, shapes, or properties. It may help you in the delivery of heavy cargo that you need to get shipped from one place to the other.

Specialized heavy trucking haul contributes immensely to the trucking industry. It is used to transport heavy machinery and large items that need careful handling. It is better to avoid the risk of damage when such large machinery is involved. If you have to ship or take a cargo of enormous size, weight or shape in the Tri-State territory, Equip Trucking and Warehousing, you need to hire a specialized trucking haul. You may consider taking services of Sterett Heavy Hauling as they are one of the most experienced trucking service providers with trained experts to handle machinery. You can confide in us to give quick and safe transport of your valuable freight. You may also wish to pick different trailers that best fits your requirement. We have multiple trailers depending on the weight and mode of transportation material.

  • Lowboy Trailer
  • Double Drop Trailer
  • Dual Lane Trailers
  • Electronic Platform Trailers
  • Mechanical Platform Trailers

The Right Equipment for Heavy Haul Jobs

It takes the correct hardware to deal with different pulling ventures, and Sterett Heavy Hauling has everything. Our broad fleet incorporates flatbed trailers. We additionally have a collection of Landoll water powered tilting trailers that prevents unscrambling or emptying of the stacked material. Different things in our stock incorporate removable gooseneck lowboys, rollback tilt-bed trucks, and standard drop-deck trailers.

Lowboy Trailers: It is the second most important trailer for transporting heavy material. Lowboy trailers include two drops in deck shape: one after the gooseneck and another before the wheels. Lowboy trailers are used to transport goods that weigh approximately 40,000 pounds, yet extra axles can increase a trailer’s pulling limit up to 80,000 pounds.

Stretch Flatbed Trailers: Used for conveying extra-long loads, this is the trailer for transporting enormous construction materials in one go. Stretch Flatbed Trailers are used to transport stacks that weigh as much as 43,000 pounds.

Side Kit Trailers: This specific cargo trailer incorporates a progression of removable stakes and covers made of compressed wood or fiberglass that connect to the bed. The fence in the area is regularly used to ensure safe delivery. Side kid trailers are intended to carry loads that weigh somewhere in the range of 42,000 and 45,000 pounds.

The Best in the Specialized Heavy Trucking haul

When you pick Sterett Heavy Hauling for your specialized heavy trucking haul tasks. You will get supervision from a group of committed experts who will make sure that everything goes smoothly from the time your load leaves your office until it reaches its set destination. We remain careful until it reaches the targeted spot. Also, our drivers make it sure that they ride safely to ensure the security of the item that they are carrying in their trailer.


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