Handling Oversized Freight

If you are unaware of the fact that double drop trailers are used efficiently for oversized freight because of their unique design and structure, then this blog will help you. Double drop trailers are often referred to as lowboy or RGN (Removable Goose Neck). It is a specific trailer that has numerous extraordinary abilities. The deck configuration on double-drop trailers has interesting importance. It is low to the ground and explicitly intended to support the large and overweight (heavy haul) trucking industry. One of the benefits of double drop trailers is they are fit for unnecessarily large delivery things. Generally, they may require a unique oversize trucking license. It suggests that transportation cost will be higher to send the thing. However, double-drop trailer facilitates the transport of heavy materials due to its size, machinery, and structure that is beneficial to perform in a much better way.

Basics of double drop trailer

Make sure you see the majority of the state(s) laws, guidelines, principles, and constraints preceding to transportation on a double drop trailer. Rules in each state vary, and you need to look into them before moving any goods completely. Large and substantial truckloads require particular trucking grant. Be vigilant, be protected, and know what you are doing before doing it.

Note: The measurements given below are an example for better understanding of double drop trailers.

Empty weight: Refers to the actual weight of the semi-truck and the double drop trailer.

Item weight: Depends on the actual weight of the thing that is delivered. As a rule, a double-drop trailer can deliver from 41,000 to 43,000 pounds legally without any heavy haul permit.

Overall weight: It depends on the heaviness of everything consolidated: the semi-truck, the double drop trailer, and the thing stacked onto the trailer. The gross weight of any blend of the trailer, semi-truck and the thing that it contains must not exceed 80,000 pounds (GVW) of the shipment. It validates the necessity of having trucking grant from each point of pick and drop. Additional axles are required to spread the heaviness to dispatch overload things. So, it gives an impression equivalent to a legitimate shipment that is under 80,000 pounds. All shipments must comply with government standards to guarantee safe transport.

Heavy Haul Load: When the load exceeds from a permitted weight set forth by the state’s rules, an exceptional heavy haul load (overweight) trucking grant is required. Substantial trucking grants normally cost more than an oversize trucking grant.

‚ÄčLarge equipment hauling on double-drop trailers

Flatbed oriented trailers are fit for pulling an exceptionally different range of things. While things like conex trailers, tiny houses, and general cargo can help the trucking industry to generate revenue. Whereas double-drop trailers help in pulling huge hardware and equipment. As we referenced before the objective market for double-drops is equipment and hardware, yet its size is the key component that permits this trailer type to be so diverse.

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