Mechanical Platform Trailers

The high capacity and maneuverability of mechanical platform trailers make them ideal for rough terrain transportation, barge off-loads, and jobs in constricted environments. Sterett Heavy Hauling has mechanical steer hydraulic platform trailers that deliver the frame strength and flexible configurations to the toughest loads.

The Sterett Heavy Hauling selection of mechanical platform trailers includes modules available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 line configurations, which can be joined to form multi-line trailers. Multiple beam and carry deck configurations are available for extra wide or over-height loads. Our capabilities enable our team to customize a configuration to meet your needs, from extra long loads, to extremely heavy cargo.

In addition to our expansive fleet of industrial transportation equipment, Heavy Hauling offers you the benefit of our expert experience. Our highly skilled and qualified drivers have the knowledge and training to get your job done right. Your project will stay on time and within budget, without any problems.

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