Choosing The Right Lowboy Trailer

Is it true that you are searching for a well-assembled trailer to pull hardware the whole way across different states? Regardless of what you are pulling, it is significant that your products arrive protected and secure. As you probably are aware, mishaps and harms can prompt real misfortunes leading to losses such as profit or reputation.
The semi-trailer is one of the most commonly used machinery. This kind of trailer is very profitable for organizations that need to stack huge things. In any case, without a drop deck, it is almost difficult to stack larger than average parts. It is a good idea to use a lowboy trailer when you have to pull something so substantial and huge that it cannot effectively embed into a standard semi-trailer.

Which things are used to transport using a lowboy trailer?

  • Bulldozers
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Heavy vehicles
  • All of the other types of heavy machinery or equipment

Numerous construction companies, cargo, and delivery organizations depend on lowboy trailers to dispatch important things all over the nation.


The lowboy trailer is a fantastically valuable thing for pulling and delivering different heavy items. Even though it’s known by a wide range of names from the low-bed to the buoy, the exemplary lowboy trailer is effectively recognizable with its semi-trailer style and double-level drop framework. The height of these semi-trailers can be adapted to drop at the gooseneck (at the end) or just before the start of the wheels.

Standard flatbed trailers don’t highlight a double-level drop framework and are used for transportation and pulling standard hardware. Lowboy trailers can take and gear up to 12 ft in height. A standard two-hub trailer of this sort can pull as much as 40,000 pounds. In any case, you may expand the weight up to 80,000 pounds by changing the number of axles if necessary.

The additional limit of the double-drop deck makes the lowboy trailer a phenomenal choice for pulling heavy materials and anything that neither fits a flatbed trailer nor a single-drop deck trailer (also called as step deck trailer). As the deck goes down to ground level, larger than usual things can effectively be embedded into the semi-trailer. Lowboy trailers can be stacked from the front or behind depending upon the need. A few models enable you to put the trailer under the load and lift it.

Nowadays, lowboy trailers commonly work with pressure driven frameworks. They incorporate air brakes and are towed by semi-trucks. If you want a specific type lowboy trailer to fit the need of your work, then you can even customize your lowboy trailer. A custom-assembled lowboy trailer can suit your transportation needs. Our models are expertly intended to meet your business destinations and give a smooth ride every single time.

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