We Do More Than Transport

You probably know us at Sterett Heavy Hauling for our specialized hauling capabilities. We make moving things easy, cost-effective and safe. We work with oversize load, superload, dual-lane transport, heavy hauling, specialized hauling and more. What you may not know, however, is that Sterett Heavy Hauling deals in so much more than just transport. We are a company that provides comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of our clients on any type of project. Here are the ways we do more than just transport.

Integrated Services

We offer a broad range of integrated services in addition to being a leader in the heavy hauling industry. By utilizing a range of strategic partnerships along with deep knowledge and experience that has come from working on a range of projects over the years, we will be your single source to take your project to conception to the final product.

We will provide services that address every aspect of your project including:

  • Planning, Permitting, Interstate Transport, Heavy Hauling, Escort
  • Assembly and Disassembly of Equipment
  • Truck Crane Service, Crane Planning, Crane Scheduling
  • Crane Rental, Man Lift Rentals, Teleboom Rentals
  • Platform Trailer Rental, Perimeter Trailer Rentals
  • Rigging Rental, Stool Rentals, Crane Mat Rental, Equipment Sales
  • Structural Engineering, Value Engineering, Design Build

These services, provided by Sterett Heavy Hauling and or partners allow you to go through one company to deal with each facet of the work that is being done. We offer services that start in the planning stages and handles all the administrative work so your project complies with all local laws and regulations. We, of course, are specialists in disassembling, transporting and reassembling all of your equipment. We can also help provide access to any kind of heavy or specialized machinery your project requires and deal with every aspect of their use from rental to scheduling to safety. We can even help on the engineering side of the project to make sure that the whole project works as it should.


There are many befits row working with Sterett Heavy Hauling for not just your transportation but every aspect of your project. It makes for a single point of contact to ensure that the flow of information is simple and direct. It simplifies and quickens the timelines by not involving a lot of different vendors who all have independent schedules. It allows for transparency through the entire process as well as open and direct communication. It is also a much more cost-effective way to complete a complicated project when you work with one company who takes care of every aspect of the job.


As you can see, at Sterett Heavy Hauling we have the partnerships, resources, and know-how to offer solutions to any of your unique project’s challenges. Even with the most complex project, we will help you achieve your goals with our comprehensive range of equipment and services. Tell us about your project today so we can discuss all the ways we can help you and provide you with a quote.


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