The Benefits of Heavy Hauling Over Barge Transports

There are a few transportation methods you will undoubtedly consider when you have to move large cargo, freight, an oversized load, or superload. One of those methods will be an over the road heavy hauling option and another might be barge transport. While both those methods have their place in the cargo transportation word, when you compare them head-to-head, it is easy to see that heavy hauling offers more benefits than barge transport and makes more sense for most companies in most situations. Here is a look at the major differences between the two.

Reduce Delays

Choosing an over the road hauling option is the fastest and most efficient ways to get your cargo where they need to go. Our fleet of technologically advanced trucks will come to your site, pick up your cargo, and quickly and safely transport it where it needs to go. We will even disassemble and assemble it for you, deal with all the permitting, and help with any heavy machinery needs. It is a direct and full-service option to move your cargo. With barge transport, many issues can cause delays such as weather, and differing maritime regulations. Also, there may not be a direct, barge transport option near you or your destination.

Get Customized Equipment (and Pricing!)

Our fleet is diverse, flexible and customizable so you get the exact right equipment for the size and scope of your project. The best part is you only have to pay for exactly what you need as well. Whichever of our fleet is best for your project, you can be assured that it will be dedicated to hauling your cargo and you are paying a good price for it. With barge transport, there is much less flexibility and you may end up paying for space you are not using or that is even being used to ship other cargo.  

You Will Use Heavy Hauling Either Way

The truth of the matter is, you will almost assuredly be using some type of heavy hauling transport whether you use heavy hauling exclusively or barge transport. Unless your job sites are right on a barge-accessible body of water, you will need to utilize heavy hauling services to get them to and from the barge to be delivered directly to your site. This adds several different layers and unnecessarily complicates your entire project. On top of that, it will mean you have to work with multiple vendors most likely which can increase the possibility of delays. And, most importantly, it will add additional costs to the project that is not good for your businesses’ bottom line.


Every project is different and some projects do call for different methods of hauling your cargo. However, if you are choosing between the two options equally, it is easy to see that heavy hauling offers a wide range of benefits that you just do not get with barge transport. To learn more about these advantages and all the other things an experienced, professional heavy hauling company can offer, reach out to Sterett Heavy Hauling today.


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