Having Multiple Locations Means We Are Always Close to You

What do you look for in a heavy hauling company? You want a company that knows what they are doing. You want one with a long, proven track record of success. A company who is flexible and versatile. One who can do heavy hauling, and specialized hauling, and deal with a superload or oversize load, or dual lane transport. One more thing that is important to look for is a company that is close to you. With Sterett Heavy Hauling, we are always close to you because we have regional offices all over the country. This not only is convenient but offers a range of other benefits as well.

Our Locations

Sterett Heavy Hauling is proud to be made up of 6 different regional offices to provide you with the local, high-quality service you need. Having a location in your region and throughout the country means that we can provide you with high-quality service right in your area. We have locations in 5 states which allows us to offer operated and maintained heavy hauling rental from Texas to Florida and throughout the entire Eastern United States. Our offices are located in:

  • Kentucky
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee
  • Florida

Having a location near you means we can offer a range of benefits that other hauling companies may not be able to.

Cost Savings

Being close to where you and your projects are located means a lower-cost of doing business with us. The fact that we do not need to spend as much on things like hourly rates and fuel costs to get to you and your project means we can pass those savings on to you.  

Time Savings

Time is money as they say and that is as true, if not more so in the heavy hauling business as anywhere else. Not only does cutting down on time save you money on the actual hauling but it means your loads will be moved quickly and you will complete your projects sooner. This will allow for maximum efficiency which is always good for your company’s bottom line.


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