5 Types of Major Hauling Equipment You Should Know

Shipping oversized and overweight items require special attention as large industrial machinery, large-scale construction materials, and even military equipment present a unique challenge when it comes to transport. 

With that in mind, heavy haul freight services rely on the right hauling equipment to safely and efficiently move overweight loads and materials from one job site to another. Understanding different types of hauling equipment can enhance your experience when hiring professional heavy hauling services as it can help you identify your specific needs.

To that end, some of the major hauling equipment you should know includes the following: 

1. Cranes 

Cranes play an integral role in construction sites and hauling equipment that goes beyond the standard weight as it can lift materials like building supplies, drilling supplies, sheaves, hoist, and even soil with cables. 

There are different types of crane: fixed cranes are set up onto steel towers and are ideal for reaching higher and greater loads. Meanwhile, mobile cranes can be placed onto flat cars, trucks, and other mobile platforms, which is perfect for carrying and moving construction materials. 

Either way, both types of cranes are important in construction and demolition projects. 

2. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are highly important in hauling services as it can create pilot roads, loosen hard soils, and shift dirt. It’s the go-to choice for driving through rough terrain that is too bumpy and tough for regular trucks. Just like cranes, bulldozers come in two categories: track-based bulldozers are designed to track sandy and muddy areas, while wheel-based bulldozers are best suited for bumpy roads. 

3. Excavators 

Excavators provide pivotal assistance in construction sites as it used primarily used for digging holes, demolishing buildings, and lifting heavy loads. The equipment uses an extendable arm with a digging bucket at the end, which comes in different sizes to cater to varying needs. 

4. Loaders 

Just like bulldozers, loaders come in either wheel-based or track-based equipment. It’s designed to carry loose materials onto a conveyor belt, which moves the materials away. It is also used to load machinery.

5. Tractors 

Tractors are a jack-of-all-trades in the form of hauling equipment as it can do just about any job, especially since you can attack features like buckets, blades, backhoes, and quick hitches. While it moves at significantly slower speeds, it has the power to either push or pull any other construction equipment, making it a must for heavy hauling services and construction projects. 


In between acquiring permits, finding the optimal routing, and properly handling these heavy materials, heavy haul services provides the ultimate and necessary solution. They handle the transportation of oversized loads on public roads and ensure each carriage is delivered without running into any bumps along the way. 

With that in mind, the right heavy hauling company has access to all the appropriate hauling equipment necessary for different construction and demolition projects. We’re a specialized heavy hauling company in Jacksonville, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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