How A Diverse Fleet of Trucks Makes the Job Easier

When you need heavy hauling or specialized hauling for your oversize load, there is no “one size fits all” solution. You need a company with a fleet of trucks that will deliver the right type of hauling for your cargo. When you work with a company that has a diverse fleet of trucks, the job will be easier, safer, quicker and more cost efficient. Here we will look at different types of trucks and trailers a heavy hauling trucking company should have in order to be able to do any job right.


If you have a superload you need to haul, you want it on a dual lane transport trailer. The best of these trailers will have a modular design so they can be adapted to custom-suit the cargo being transported both in width and height and fulfill the legal requirements at the place of operation. This last part is very important since different states and municipalities have different definitions and requirements for oversized loads.


There are multiple types of electronic platform trailers so offering a variety of them is key in heavy hauling. These trailers will greatly reduce the chance of problems in transit. Electronic steering and integrated modules with management capabilities allow for a wide of steering configurations and enable precise control of the trailer bed to meet any challenges you may encounter on the road.


If you have a haul that involves rough terrain transportation, barge off-loads, or jobs in constricted environments, you want a mechanical platform trailer. These trailers are high-capacity and maneuverable to be able to handle the toughest loads. They can also be joined together to form multi-line trailers and can handle anything from extra-long loads to extremely heavy cargo


Self-propelled trailers are much like conventional trailers, but have a motorized module on the front. These trailers are ideal for transporting a load that is too big and too heavy for a normal truck or low loader. When space is limited, self-propelled, hydraulic platform trailers can be an ideal moving solution.


Flatbeds are the ideal solution for so many heavy hauling needs. Whether you need a local or regional transport, offering a wide range of flatbed trailers will help complete any heavy hauling job with ease.


Whether it is a 50-ton trailer to efficiently haul your heaviest loads or other equipment like die carts or steerable dollies to manage your freight on the bed or on the ground, having the right equipment for the job is incredibly important.


No matter what your heavy hauling needs, you should look for a provider that offers a diverse fleet of trucks. That will ensure that your cargo gets to where it needs to go in the fastest and safest way possible. When you have the right truck for the job, it also means you will not be paying for size or features you do not need.


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