How Technology Makes a Difference in Heavy Hauling

Heavy Hauling is an industry that has been around for years. Many companies are still doing it today the same way they did years ago. At Sterett Heavy Hauling, we utilize the latest in heavy hauling technology to make hauling with us more cost-effective, efficient, and safe. New technology allows us to be flexible and versatile and provide the best, most customized services to fit your needs.

The Technology of Our Fleet

SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers are innovative dual lane trailers which can adapt to custom-suit the cargo being transported. The HighwayGiants feature pendulum axle technology which provides the ability to drive below loads and pick them up securely. They also have a smooth, precision steering system which assures easy maneuvering, even on tight bends.

We also have a selection of electronic platform trailers. They have electronic steering which offers a variety of steering configurations to meet the toughest challenges on the road and precise control of the trailer bed, reducing the opportunity for problems in transport. They are also equipped with electronic management capabilities which allow for control by radio remote of multiple modules operating in open-order configuration with a shared system of coordinates.

When space is limited, self-propelled hydraulic platform trailers can be an ideal moving solution to position large and heavy loads in a confined area, which is not readily accessible by conventional heavy-load truck and trailer combinations. These trailers feature a motorized module on the front. They are ideal for transporting a load that is too big and too heavy for a truck or low loader. The hydraulic platform trailers feature a hydrostatic drive system that provides a smooth and highly adjustable ride, even under the roughest conditions.


Not everything you need to haul is the same size, shape, weight or made from the same material. What is the same, is the need to get your cargo from point A to point B in the best way possible. We know that every load will have different needs and the technology in our fleet helps us easily adjust to make sure every piece of cargo is handled in the best way possible.


The technology of our fleet helps us keep costs down in multiple ways. It cuts down on the time it takes to load and unload the cargo. It gets the cargo where it needs to go more efficiently because our high-performance hauling options save on fuel as well.  Technology saves our operation money and we can pass those savings on to our customers.


The more manual the heavy hauling process is, the more manpower it takes. The more manpower, the more possibilities for human error which can cause accidents that hurt people or your cargo. The latest in technology delivers the best safety features that ensure the safety of the people involved and the loads being hauled.


Technology allows us to operate at a higher level to provide the best heavy hauling, specialized hauling, superload, oversize load, and dual-lane transport. Contact us today to find out how our technology can help you better execute your projects and get the job done faster.


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