How Dual Lane Trailers Help Us Get the Job Done

When you have REALLY big cargo to haul, you need a trailer that is going to get the job done. You need something that is going to get your huge cargo where it needs to and get it there effectively, efficiently, and in a way that won’t bust your project’s budget. This is where a Dual Lane Trailer comes in. At Sterett Heavy Hauling, they have great Dual Lane Trailers that allow for dual lane transportation of your biggest cargo. Here is how our Dual Lane Trailers help us get the job done for you.

Our Dual Lane Trailers

Sterett Heavy Hauling offers some of the best dual-lane transport in the industry with our SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers. These Dual Lane Trailers offer many advantages that help us get the job done for you. Here are the benefits of these amazing pieces of technology.

Adaptability for Your Load

These innovative dual lane trailers have a modular design, which means that the vehicle can be adapted to custom-suit the cargo being transported. Adaptability is a key feature in these trailers because we know that no two heavy hauling loads are ever exactly the same. The HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers have been engineered to be adaptable and flexible so that they can meet the wide range of requirements that companies need when shipping heavy cargo.

Meeting Legal Requirements

SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers also helps us fulfill any legal requirements at the place of operation. This is so important with all the different federal, state and local regulations involved in specialized hauling like dual-lane transportation. Regulations regarding load distribution on bridges and roads are often specific to each individual state and the ability to comply with all these regulations is absolutely essential. If you are not working with a company that can assure you of this with their Dual Lane Trailers, it can mean big trouble for your company.

The Best Performance

The flexibility of the SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers means an efficient, high-performance transport solution. In addition to accommodating variable vehicle widths, the HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailer can widen the vehicle under load to provide the needed support. The loading area can also be adapted to suit the size of the load and allow for the proper distribution over the length of the vehicle. The pendulum axle technology that the SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailer has will provide the ability to drive below loads and pick them up securely. Finally, the smooth, precision steering system makes for easy maneuvering even on tight roadways.


The SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers that Sterett Heavy Hauling uses will get your job done the way it needs to be without any hassles or headaches. Sterett also employs highly qualified and skilled drivers with the experience and training to handle your job without any issues. Check out their Dual Lane Trailer capabilities today for your next big job. With locations in St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville, Jacksonville, and elsewhere you are never far away from the Dual Lane Trailer you need.


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