How Using Our Integrated Services Saves You Money

When you have big things to move from one location to another, it can be expensive. When there are multiple aspects of a job like that, you can end up bringing in multiple companies and having to pay them each huge fees.

So, what is the solution? When you use a company like Sterett Heavy Hauling in Owensboro, KY who offers a huge range of integrated services, you will have the benefit of a capable and qualified single source to manage every aspect of your moving project. This will save you time, money and give you the peace of mind that your project is in the hands of the experts.

Sterett Heavy Hauling can provide, Heavy Hauling, Specialized Hauling, Superload, Oversize Load, and Dual-Lane Transport services along with strategic partnerships that offer you access to a wide range of services that will make your job easier and less costly. In addition to the heavy hauling Sterett can help you with all of the fooling services:

  • Planning, Permitting, Interstate Transport, Heavy Hauling, Escort – There is so much involved in huge moving projects than just the move itself. Making sure your project is covered in all the legal and procedural ways it needs to be is time-consuming and takes a lot of knowledge. Sterett has the knowledge and will guarantee your project is planned and executed correctly and legally.
  • Assembly and Disassembly of Equipment – Your cargo is valuable and you want to make sure when it is moved it starts in one piece and ends up that same way on the other end. Sterett will break your cargo down for shipping make sure it arrives in the same way it was before you sent it.
  • Truck Crane Service, Crane Planning, Crane Scheduling – The use of cranes is another aspect of a moving project that requires a lot of planning and compliance know-how. Leaving it to the experts at Sterett will make sure you plan and schedule correctly so it will not cost more money in the end.
  • Crane Rental, Man Lift Rentals, Teleboom Rentals, Platform Trailer Rental, Perimeter Trailer Rentals, Rigging Rental, Stool Rentals, Crane Mat Rental, Equipment Sales – Big cargo means big machinery and big machinery is expensive. It also means using the right machinery to get the job done at the right cost. Whether you are renting for a one-time project or buying equipment to use in the future, with Sterett’s strategic partnerships, rolling the cost of this machinery and equipment rental or purchase and operation into one bill will be much better for your bottom line.
  • Structural Engineering, Value Engineering, Design Build – You do not want to work with a company who just picks up your cargo and drops it off on your front steps. Sterett has a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers and designers who will truly partner with you on your project to make sure you have success at a reasonable cost.

When you work with Sterett Heavy Hauling you get a job done right and a partner who can help you with the entire scope of your project. You also get the savings that come with using integrated services to complete your whole project using one company.


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