How Hauling Oversized Freight Is More Cost Effective Than Other Methods

When you have big things to move, you want the best, most efficient and, very importantly, the most cost-efficient way to haul your oversized freight. There are a few options to do this but heavy hauling your oversized freight is more cost effective than any other method. Here are the reasons why.

You Pay for What You Need

When you haul oversized freight, transporting it by truck as opposed to doing in by rail, air or ship, you are paying to ship your cargo from point A to Point B and the costs associated with that. With these other methods, there are all kinds other things baked into the price including sharing the cost of shipping other people’s loads on the same vessel. By hauling freight, you can get the exact right size truck you need so you are not paying for things you do not.

You Can Get Customized Services

Hauling oversized freight allows for heavy hauling, specialized hauling, superloads, oversize loads, dual-lane transport and more. Other options of transporting freight are a lot less flexible and much more of a “one size fits all” option. If you ship freight, you know that not being able to customize your delivery method can be frustrating and costly.

It Goes Right to Where You Need It

As mentioned, hauling freight will take your cargo from point A to point B. This is much more efficient and cost-effective than having to move it from point A to point C to point D then, finally to point B. This is how it happens using other methods. No matter how you transport your oversized goods, chances are at some point it will have to be on a truck to pick it up or receive it at the exact location you need it. It will save you money by doing it on a truck, to begin with.

It Works on Your Schedule

Time is money in business and you can control the schedule of a truck much better than a train or a boat or a plane. The on-demand nature of heavy hauling gives it a huge advantage in fitting into the needed timeline for your project. Being able to get your cargo moved exactly when you need it will offer savings and far more control than other options.

Flexible Packing Models

Your oversized cargo may not always be able to be put into the types of packaging required to be put on a plane, boat or train. Hauling offers much more flexibility on how your materials can be delivered and this will save you money by not having to make your cargo conform to the transport company’s specs.


There are many ways to transport cargo and each method does have its own specific advantages and drawbacks. By hauling your oversized freight though you have more control, flexibility, and options, all of which will save you money on the overall project. If you have a large-scale moving project coming up, contact an expert in oversized cargo to find a custom solution to fit your needs and help your bottom line.


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