Why Our Technology Is Better!

There is no excuse in today’s technologically advanced world to not have the technology you need to get a job done in the best and most efficient way possible. This is true in every industry but it especially applies to the world of heavy hauling and specialized hauling. Things like safety, cost-effectiveness, meeting regulations, and getting the job done on-time are so important when it comes to this industry. The reason that Sterett Heavy Hauling is able to excel in all these categories is that our technology is better! Here is how we are using top of the line technology to work better for you.

Trailer Technology

Possibly the most important piece of technology in the heavy hauling industry is the trailer. Trailers are what moves the cargo from point A to point B and beyond and ensures it gets there how and when you need it. Sure, you can move cargo on any old flatbed or traditional trailer (and of course we offer these too) but having trailers with the latest technology allows us to adapt to any circumstance or size cargo and to offer the best possible heavy hauling solution.

We offer dual-lane transport trailers that adapt perfectly to haul even the largest of loads and move very large cargo easily through the tightest of spaces and jurisdictions. If a tough road is your biggest obstacle, choose from our selection of electronic platform trailers. These electronic trailers offer a variety of steering configurations to conquer any difficult terrain you can imagine. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with this technologically advanced trailer. For loads that cannot be moved with a traditional truck as the driving force, there are self-propelled trailers. These trailers are the ideal solution for large loads in limited space.

Even More Technology

In addition to trailer technology, Sterett Heavy Hauling offers a wide variety of technological solutions to all your cargo and equipment moving needs. We have the technology that allows us to assist you with every aspect of your project from Structural Engineering to Value Engineering to Design-Build. We can also use technology to assist you in moving things not just to and from job sites but around it as well. With everything from offering a mobile crane to helping you acquire the technology, you need with man lift, Tele boom, rigging rentals, and more. If there is a technology you need to get your job done better, faster and at less cost, we will help you make it happen.


There is an old saying that goes, “don’t work harder, work smarter”. And that is what our technology allows us to do. As a company that always works hard to meet your specialized hauling needs, Sterett Heavy Hauling also has the technology to work smarter and get the job done better, faster and at less cost for you and your business. With locations in St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville, Jacksonville, and elsewhere you are never far away from the best technology in the industry.


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