Sterett Heavy Hauling Is the Perfect Choice for Imported and Exported Cargo

In 2019, business is an international proposition. No matter where in the United States you are located, chances are that you will have to deal with companies from overseas in order to make your business successful. For many companies and industries, it is absolutely essential that you do so. This means that your business may have to import cargo, export cargo, or in many circumstances, do both. This is where Sterett Heavy Hauling comes in. They are experts in not just heavy hauling and specialized hauling, but specifically in exported or imported cargo transport Florida.

Importing and Exporting through Florida

There are a few states in the U.S. that have ports that import and export the majority of the goods for the country. California, New York, and New Jersey, and Washington are some of the biggest. Florida and Georgia are right up there with those ports on that list. There are no fewer than 7 major ports in Florida and southern Georgia that are major hubs of international trade. If you do business through one of these ports, you should be using the heavy hauling Florida port experts from Sterett Heavy Hauling. They know these ports, how to access them, the regulations and requirements that come along with them and can safely get your cargo that is coming in or going out to or from the ship.

Ports Serviced by Sterett Heavy Hauling

Sterett Heavy Hauling has offices all over the south and Midwest and can help with heavy hauling and specialized hauling at many ports throughout the country. However, their office in Jacksonville, Florida specializes in helping companies who import though Florida or southern Georgia ports. These Florida ports include the Port of Miami, Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach, FL, and Talleyrand Port and Blount Island Port in Jacksonville, FL. In Georgia, their Jacksonville office is within miles of both the Port of Brunswick and the Port of Savanah. All these ports are less than 400 miles away from the Jacksonville office.

What Sterett Heavy Hauling Offers Importers and Exporters

No matter how big or how heavy the load, Sterett Heavy Haulers will be able to get your cargo to and from these Florida and southern Georgia ports. In addition to heavy hauling, Sterett also offers oversize load, superload, dual-lane transport, specialized hauling and more. Whatever you need to get your international cargo moved, they can help.


Business is done all over the world today which brings lots of cargo to our shores in Florida and southern Georgia and has a lot moving out as well. No matter what your needs, Sterett Heavy Hauling will make your importing and exporting easier, safer, and more cost-efficient. There are also locations in St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville, and elsewhere to help you get your cargo wherever it needs to go.


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