Using Our Crane Services Can Save You Money

You may know Sterett Heavy Hauling for our heavy haul trucking service that stretches across the Midwest, South and Eastern United States. You probably know about our convenient locations, our variety of trucks, trailers, and technology, and our local, regional, and import/export routes. What you may not know is that Sterett also offers a full range of crane services. Crane services which can help get your job done safely and on a quicker timeline. Here are all the ways using our crane services can save you money.

Sterett Crane Service

Sterett Heavy Hauling was opened in 2004 and we now have 15 years of experience in the heavy hauling industry. But, did you know that Sterett’s experience in cranes goes back even further than that? The heavy hauling side of the business is what developed out of our expertise in crane transport. Sterett Crane & Rigging goes back over 65 years and when you use both businesses for your next project, it will save you time, money, and hassle.

Benefits of Using Sterett Crane Transport

Who better to trust for your crane transport needs than a heavy hauling company stated by a crane and rigging company? Getting a crane to and from your job site and maybe even between multiple job sites can be a challenge. At Sterett, we are experts in both cranes and heavy hauling so we can make sure to do all this in the most cost-efficient way possible. It will help your project timeline and your budget letting Sterett handle every aspect of crane transport.

Benefits of Integrated Capabilities

Big projects mean a lot “cooks in the kitchen”. You usually have vendors for every aspect of the job and this means different points of contact and different invoicing policies and schedules. It also means that one hand may not know what the other is doing and that can cause costly delays or worse, dangerous accidents that put your project and your company at risk.

One way to manage this and mitigate your risk is to use one company to handle multiple aspects of your project. This is what you get when you use Sterett for both your heavy haul trucking and as your crane service. You will deal with one Sterett contact who will manage all that for you so that you always know what is going on and when things are going to happen.

In addition to crane service and heavy hauling, you can wrap even more services into your Sterett package with planning, permitting, engineering, construction, equipment rental, and more. The more you bundle with one vendor, the more money you will save.


When you undertake a heavy-duty project, in addition to making sure the project is completed safely, the main things you want are to have the project come in on time (or early) and at (or under) budget. Utilizing Sterett for both your heavy hauling and your crane service will help you accomplish all these goals and get your project where it needs to be. Contact Sterett Heavy Hauling for more info.


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